Covid Update: Students are required to wear a mask in classroom and while driving.


Drivers Education

1. $350.00 payable by cash or credit card(3.5% processing fee ,if paid by Card.) 

2. Bring your own lucnh or $5.00 each day for pizza. 

3. You can download a copy of the Oklahoman Drivers Manual here, or you can purchase a copy for $7.50 from us at the school.

Motorcycle Riders Course ( Basic )

ALL CLASSES WILL START AT 7:00 A.M (Saturday & Sunday).DON’T BE LATE. CLASSES ARE HELD AT 1104 SW19TH STREET MOORE 73170. RANGE EXERCISES ARE HELD AT 5915 YORK DRIVE NORMAN 73160. This class will waive the Riding Tests for “M” Endorsement. UNDER 18,PLEASE BRING BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO THE CLASS,MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN. OVER 18,PLEASE BRING DRIVERS LICENSE/LEARNERS PERMIT(IF YOU HAVE ONE). Computer E-course is included in the cost of the BRC and a link, with instructions, will be sent after enrollment and all the fees are paid. This eCourse must be completed prior to class, it takes approximately 2 1/2 hrs to complete


1. Pic of eCourse Completion Certificate
2. D.O.T Helmet (provided by us or you can use your own)
3. Full-fingered gloves
4. Long sleeve shirt
5. Long sturdy pants (No holes)
6. Over the ankle shoes or boots
7. Eye protection (face shield on helmet, goggles, sunglasses, or eyeglasses)
8. We Provide Motorcycle.

Driving Test ( Assessment )

1. $50.00 payable by cash or credit card.($25 for the state exam,$25 for processing fee) 

2. A completion certificate from Precision Driving School, Another Driving/Public School. 

3.If its Parent Taught/Online certification, please make sure (Certification number starts with N). These are the list of approved parent taught providers recognized by OKDPS. 

4. A learners permit. 

NOTES: If your current resident address is different from the address on your permit please update your address by clicking here. Also, please refer to the Skills Exam Reference guide.

Defensive Driving

1. $50 dollars payable by cash or credit card.

2. Any ticket(s) or citation(s) you have received from a municipal court.

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